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Companies need space – for their ideas, activities, services, trade, production, their employees. This can be a health or educational institution, a production company, a business service provider, a leisure or tourism company, a logistics company, a chain of retail outlets, a craft business, a care or nursing facility. As a real estate trustee, builder and developer, we support companies in the process from the initial considerations and decisive decisions, in the analysis and selection of properties, in legal and tax issues of real estate transactions, in planning and project management, through to execution and construction management. We take over process management and project responsibility for them.


In connection with real estate, buildings and infrastructure, companies face very different questions. These begin with the selection of the location or the requirements for the size and configuration of infrastructures and buildings. They range from macro- and micro-location criteria, to the availability of infrastructure and transport connections, to questions related to socio-demographic conditions or the availability of labour. Businesses decide on alternatives and opportunity costs, on what kind of real estate they need, how a property should be financed, whether a property should be bought or rented, whether it should be a mix of benefits. What are the legal and tax conditions for buying or renting a property in a particular region?

Furthermore, companies are challenged when it comes to extending, converting or deconstructing real estate, when more or less space is planned for current or future business activities. Companies weigh up how high the operating costs of real estate are and how these can be reduced – at best, parts of the building can be activated and energy requirements can be made sustainable in the future. How high are the investment and running costs for facility management, property management, cleaning, maintenance? Should these services be provided in-house with a separate department or by external services? How can sustainable and environmentally friendly measures be integrated into existing buildings? In the planning and operation of real estate, companies also have to consider security aspects and what protective measures are required.


Between industry and the 4.0 world of work, companies are increasingly required to think about architecture and design beyond legal, financial and technical aspects. Real estate can be a statement for companies, to the point that real estate design and requirements are integrated and used as elements in a long-term business strategy. Furthermore, it is about the attractiveness of the company and the real estate, because the nature of the working environment and workplace for employees and motivational situations is becoming increasingly important. Employed persons bring new quality demands and preferences with regard to the design and functionality of the real estate or to the interior design. Through “Smart Property Development”, we make real estate fit for the future for companies, within the framework of existing guidelines such as ESG and SDG, and also for trends in the working world such as life-work balance, co-working, open innovation, collaboration, service economy or creative economy.

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