Risk management in real estate development: How a real estate trust can support you.

A real estate trustee plays a crucial role in risk management in real estate development. Through comprehensive risk analyses, site assessments and market analyses, they help identify and evaluate potential risks. They assist with financing and budgeting, handle contract management and conduct thorough due diligence. During the construction phase, they monitor the project and ensure quality control. In addition, they assist with the marketing and sale of the developed properties. Cooperation with a real estate trustee minimises risks and increases the chances of successful real estate developments.

“Knowing the risk is the first step to managing it. A real estate trust is your partner in risk management, helping you to identify opportunities and overcome challenges in order to realise successful real estate developments.” – Rainer Loidl

Real estate development is a complex and risky industry. From site selection and financing to construction and marketing, there are numerous challenges to overcome. To be successful and minimise potential risks, effective risk management is essential. A real estate fiduciary can help you identify, analyse and manage these risks. In this article we will explain the importance of risk management in real estate development and how a real estate trust can support you.

Comprehensive risk analysis

A real estate fiduciary performs a comprehensive risk analysis to identify potential risks in real estate development. This includes aspects such as market volatility, legal and regulatory risks, technical challenges, financing risks and environmental impacts. Through a thorough analysis, potential problems can be identified early and appropriate measures can be taken to manage or minimize them.

Site assessment and market analysis

A real estate trustee will assist you with site evaluation and market analysis to assess the potential of a real estate development. They examine the site in terms of demand, competition, infrastructure and other relevant factors. This information will help you make an informed decision about whether a particular site is suitable for your development plans and what risks may be involved.

Financing and budgeting

Financing management is a critical aspect of real estate development. A real estate trustee can help you create realistic budgets and financial plans for your projects. They can help you obtain financing, assess potential financing risks, and suggest alternative solutions. Sound financial planning and monitoring minimizes the risk of inadequate financing.

Contract management and due diligence

A real estate fiduciary assists you with contract management and due diligence. They review and monitor contracts with suppliers, contractors and other partners to ensure that legal and financial risks are properly addressed. They also conduct thorough due diligence to identify potential risks related to construction permits, environmental impacts, and other legal issues.

Construction project monitoring and quality control

During the construction phase, a real estate fiduciary oversees the construction project and ensures that it is completed according to plans, regulations, and agreed-upon quality standards. They coordinate the various contractors and monitor the progress, cost and quality of the work. Strict quality control reduces the risk of defects and subsequent problems.

Marketing and sale

A real estate escrow company can also assist you with marketing and selling your real estate development. They conduct market analysis, develop marketing strategies and assist with pricing. Through their expertise and network, they can identify potential buyers and negotiate sales to get the best possible value for your project.


Risk management is an essential part of real estate development to be successful and minimize losses. A real estate fiduciary can help you identify, analyze and manage risks. From comprehensive risk analysis, site evaluation and market analysis to financial management, contract management, construction project oversight and marketing, they can provide you with comprehensive support. Through their expertise and experience, they can help ensure that your real estate development projects are successfully completed and achieve a high level of profitability.

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